Information for Prospective Members



Welcome to the Higgins Lake Boat Club (HLBC). This page is designed to give prospective members additional information about the process of joining the club, and provide some tips and information about being a successful member. While not completely detailed, it's meant to give you a jump-start on how things work at the HLBC. Comments and suggestions about how to improve this document are welcomed.

Club Organization

The HLBC is member-supported, in every way. Membership dues pay for continuing infrastructure and improvement costs, consumable supplies, and pretty much everything else the club needs. Most physical work gets done by members as well, and members in good standing are expected to help out with improvement and maintenance projects.


The HLBC is run by a volunteer Board of Directors, who are elected and serve two year terms. Any member interested in board service can volunteer their name for a board election. The board itself chooses a Commodore, who serves as an Executive-In-Chief and runs the board meetings.


The Commodore communicates to the membership largely via email. We have an email list in place, and members are encourage to subscribe to the list to stay up to date on club events and issues. This web site is also a good resource, as is the annual *Crow's Nest* paper newsletter that is distributed to each member in the Spring. Announcements are often posted on the board at the club itself.

Club Events and Amenities

The HLBC offers a number of amenities, including:
  • a large private sandy beach
  • dock space for members
  • modern facilities (running water, gas grills, tables, kitchen, dining areas, and restrooms)
  • sail boats, paddle boats, kayaks, kids' toys, and paddle boards
Most of these amenities are available to any member, any time. Those that require access to the main building are available any time a board member is present. In addition, the HLBC hosts a number of events every year, with varying themes and purposes (check the events calendar for details). These events are organized and run by our members, and usually 'chaired' by one of the board members. If you'd like to help, please do!

Membership Process


Membership into the club starts with gaining the 'sponsorship' of three current members in good standing. Essentially, these members will 'vouch' for you...either because they've known you for years, or you've been visiting the club and have gotten to know them. Getting three references is relatively easy if you already are well known to current members. if you're new to the area, or just to the club, it's not that much more difficult. We recommend you send in your membership application and initial fees, and then come out to the club and meet people. Introduce yourself to current members and ask for a board member that can show you around. Learn how things work, and make sure the club is a good fit for you and your family.

Membership Committee

Once you've gotten your member sponsorships, the *membership committee* will make a recommendation to the full board about your application. By this point, you will probably know most/all of the committee members (and a good portion of the board), and more importantly, they will know you and your family. The board considers the committee's recommendation when they vote on your full application and membership. If this sounds daunting, please know that it can all go pretty quickly (easily in one summer), and in practice, it's not as formal as it may seem. Since you're reading this page, you've probably already met (or at least emailed) with one of the Membership Committee members. Check our Board of Directors page for a list of all Board members, including those that serve on Membership. See you at the club!